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Introducing Hell's Kitchen's latest series - Kaisen-Do. There are 2 different types of in this series, Air-Dried and Smoked.


Kaisen-Do Air-Dried Series 
Nutrients are locked in with freshness and original taste is maintained during the Air-Drying process.Comes in Yellowstripe Scad (Made in Indonesia), Silver Sillago and Red Sea Bream (Made in Japan).


Kaisen-Do Smoked Series
 Smoked to enhance the taste for fussy eaters which also helps to maintain freshness.
Comes in Skipjack, Tuna and Mackerel (Made in Japan).


No additives
They do not contain any additives such as preservatives, coloring agents, coloring agents, or antioxidants, and is grain-free, so you can feed them to your pets with confidence.


6 different types of fish
Each type of fish has a different taste and nutritional value. With 6 types of fish, you're sure to find the perfect one to suit your dog's preferences.

Hell's Kitchen Kaisen-Do Air-Dried Silver Sillago

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